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Smart Bluetooth Boxing Training Target Wall Pad

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đŸ„Šă€NEW UPGRADED FEATURES】Our new model smart boxing machine, now has an integrated LED Intelligent Screen Display so at any time you can check data, hitting speed, hitting power, continuous number of hits.  You can clearly understand the progress of each boxing practice at any time.  Experience the fun of fitness in the built in game on the app.  The backlit LE display shows the target in front of you on the wall, which can increase the flexibility and coordination of the body, improve the reaction time and enhance your overall training program.

đŸ„Šă€SMART BLUETOOTH CONNECTION】The boxing pad supports connecting to the APP via Bluetooth (please refer to the accompanying user guide), and you can check the data, hitting speed, hitting power, combo and other data at any time on the APP. You can download the app for iPhone or Android and the pad has a built-in speaker and can play your favourite tunes via a Bluetooth connection from your phone.

đŸ„Šă€ERGONOMIC DESIGN】The punching boxing response target trainer, has a seated cushion made of hard wearing rubber latex and high impact resistant foam, the surface is elegant, easy to clean and practical. It can protect your hands from injury. Boxing Wall Targets are strong, durable, compact, portable, and wall mountable.

đŸ„Šă€TWO INSTALLATION METHODS】Bracket installation: You need to drill holes on the music box to fix the bracket and install it on the wall (with screws). Although this method is firm, it is recommended that you use the second method-adhesive sticker installation: just stick the sticky sticker with double-sided tape on the boxing equipment and the wall, it is firm and easy to adjust the height so that the children can enjoy it as well.

đŸ„Šă€MORE FUNCTIONS】Boxing to the beat of you favourite music! Our smart boxing machine is very suitable for high usage within gyms and for boxing at home.  It is suitable for beginners and professionals.

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