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drtysouth boxing

Over the past 5 years DrtySouth Boxing has been growing in reputation as a brand that provides the highest quality, handmade fightwear and boxing equipment.

So when BlackBox Global were in the market for a sponsorship partner we made an offer to be the official makers and suppliers of all the professional fight gloves for all of their events.

As our gloves are pro Mexican elite fight gloves, made from the finest Californian leather with real horse hair padding, and due to our gloves being certified by the BBBofC (British Boxing Board of Control), the partnership decision was an easy one for Dean Whyte to agree to with the owner of DrtySouth Boxing, Daryl Welch.

This business partnership has grown over the years as has a personal friendship and there are many future plans for development and future business ventures to evolve both brands.



Founded in 2019, BlvckBox Global was devised with the mission statement of building a management and promotional platform aimed at helping to develop boxing at grassroots level and creating unique and invaluable opportunities for up-and-coming boxers of all backgrounds; helping to bring diversity to the sport for both boxers and audience, alike.

BlvckBox Global is a management and promotional company run by a Management Team with a huge passion for the sport of boxing. The company knows and understands how essential building the grassroots of boxing is to the sport and is heavily invested in creating opportunities to benefit the boxers and the sport. This passion is shown, not only through the events put on for the fans, but also through the caliber of boxers signed under the BLVCK management banner. Providing fundamental opportunities for national and international champions boxers with extensive amateur backgrounds to climb the next step to the professional level.

As both a management and promotional company, BlvckBox Global’s aim is to see progression on an event-by-event basis, both nationally and internationally, which will coincide with the standard and pedigree of boxer signed under the management banner.

Dean Whyte


BlvckBox Global is headed up by Dean Whyte; a prominent figure within the sport of boxing who has an extensive background and network due to being involved in the industry for a number of years. As well as managing and coaching boxers under the BlvckBox Global banner, Dean uses his vast experience to oversee all the events the promotion puts on for boxing fans; ensuring the highest quality of production across every show down to the finest details.

Given his unique understanding and insight into the world of boxing, Dean ensures continued progression both on a promotional and management basis as well as being able to guide BlvckBox Global boxers through the various stages of their careers.